We import the best European and international products

Who are Champs-Élysées Shopping?

We are French experts with Gulf capital, specialized in importing and exporting rare and high-quality products, especially from Europe, and we have been doing this for 10 years.

Our Champs Elysees Shopping Company decided to develop in the Gulf market and we decided to open markets

🇸🇦 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

🇦🇪 UAE 🇦🇪

🇴🇲 Amman 🇴🇲

🇶🇦 Qatar 🇶🇦

🇰🇼 Kuwait 🇰🇼

Starting December 2023

We will carefully select each product for you, from various French, European and international brands. We will provide small quantities but with great quality. Our goal will be to offer you more than 200 different products by June 2024.

They said about us

Our customers' opinions

  • Thank you, the order has arrived. May God give you well-being once again. Thank you for the delivery and good dealings. God willing, I will always deal with you.

  • Peace be upon you, and may God bless your time. I would like to thank you once again for the elegant treatment and speed of sending the request. God please you.

  • Frankly speaking, the products surprised me with their quality and beauty... and attention to detail... from the elegant packaging to the boxes... in addition to the price and speed of delivery.

  • A thousand thanks to you for this effort, which is more than enough, in which we are all proud as Saudis. Good luck and always the best forward, O Lord.

  • The products are wonderful and have benefited me a lot, especially as we are approaching the good month of Ramadan. Your day is not complete without your fabulous products, God willing.

  • The pinnacle of beauty, luxury and quality. I loved the shape and details a lot. Thank you, thank you, and God willing, I will order again soon.